The Alchemy of Spirit. Group Process 6 Weeks

What do I feel?

“I’m burnt out, dissatisfied, and disconnected from my highest truth."


What do you desire?

“I want to be accountable and have confidence in my ability to reclaim vitality and inspiration."

This is an 8-week reclamation of your body and freedom of your mind through detox, nutrition, and foundation tools for illuminated living.

If you are considering weaning off medication but still experience mood disturbance, you may wish to kick start your progress with the GLOW foundation

This is a practical preparatory offering for Luminosity

  • 10-day curated “in your own home” retreat to fast-track optimisation
  • Making space to create beauty
  • Embedding self-care practices and foundation tools for illuminated living
  • Option to join a fast-track weight loss and autoimmune healing course