The art of strategically tweaking our environment, biology, and habits to enhance our health, happiness, and longevity.



Rates of dementia and depression are rapidly increasing. To ensure we maintain sharpness and clarity, we need to look after this vital master organ.

  • Nutrition and intermittent fasting for mood
  • Nootropics or cognitive enhancers for memory and concentration
  • Neuroplasticity, brain mapping for targeted brain re-organisation
  • Sleep optimisation for immune health and mood improvement
  • Meditation for brain health and creativity


Aiming to have a body that is strong and vibrant leads to improved social connections, health, productivity, and happiness. We notice an immediate reduction in quality of life when our health is impaired.

  • Weight loss & strength training reduces inflammation.
  • Studies have shown that training outdoors and HITT ( high intensity) exercise particularly improves mental health symptoms as this improves oxygenation and reduces inflammation.
  • Mitochondrial health strategies improve energy, concentration, and libido.
  • Lab testing and investigations depending on requirements. Blood tests can help discern vitamin levels, insulin stability, thyroid, inflammation and hormone levels.
  • Genetic testing is becoming more affordable, and this can be explored for mental health risks, the best choice for psychiatric medication, and longevity markers.
  • Imaging in neurology, e.g. brain mapping and functional MRI scans, are showing promise to target treatment for brain trauma and depression. Neurofeedback is being used in ADD states.