Hello magnificent being

I trained as a Medical doctor in Cape Town (UCT) and specialised in Psychiatry in London. Despite my excellent training, I did not always believe our patients were becoming the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

I witnessed that psych medication could stabilise mental health, but side effects like emotional numbness, weight gain & impact on sexuality increased suffering.

The field of psychiatry is advancing with research into brain-gut health, genetics, psychoneuroimmunology, mindfulness and plant medicines.

It was only until my father, who was a prominent surgeon, was dying of cancer that I explored the revolution that was taking place in medicine and explored a more holistic view of healing.

I focus on the Designed Life pillars of wellbeing to restore mental health:

  • Down-time (optimising restorative sleep, expansive practices for healing, harnessing choices which soothes the nervous system.
  • Divinity (this is not religious but relates to fanning the divine spark within you and having awe for your place in creation)
  • Diet (restoring gut-brain health and balancing the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis)
  • Detox (Optimising the body's protective processes & reducing environmental toxin exposure.)
  • Diagnostics (deeper dive into more complex causes of auto-immunity)
  • Doing the Inner work (trauma, sexuality, boundaries, relationships).

My adventurous spirit has taken me on a quest to uncover many alternative healing arts. I lived with shamans in the Amazon 15 years ago, have been on retreat to Costa Rica, and participated in initiation ceremonies in the deserts of Africa. I balance this with keeping up to date with cutting-edge medical innovations.

I am passionate about learning how to reclaim our self-healing capabilities. Our over-stimulated, over-medicated, and disconnected society limits our ability to attain higher states of awareness. Returning to our natural connection with the earth, the cycles of nature and one another is the fastest route to whole health.

I thus founded Anassa luxury Retreats for conscious leaders to experience healing of depression, insomnia and anxiety through evidenced-based scientific modalities, nutrition and non-ordinary states of consciousness, e.g. meditation, breath work, sound, and ecstatic dance.

My search for wisdom and truth has afforded me opportunities to officiate many wedding ceremonies and motivational talks.


The infinite depths of a starry night The magic of the moon as its luminescence shines bright The warm hoot of an owl as it caresses my heart This, the touch of the gratitude I’ve felt .

Your presence has been a gentle balm for my tortured soul Your words, your council Have kept me whole Your own beauty A treasure, quite without measure Such purity of intention Such sweet intervention Your oneness with nature Your connection to the ancients I’ve felt it all The gift of you.

I’ve often felt that without you What would I do Really, it’s quite true I was so blessed by you Just thinking on you brings a soft smile & Even from afar I can bask in your energy for a while Your impact is large As small as you are Your gentle voice a reminder of my own North Star You are definitely one of the best humans I have met thus far I will always wish for you joy Wherever you are

This is my way of attempting to express My gratitude - my wholehearted gratefulness.

That surname suits you You are indeed a door to the sun Thank you again for helping me The loopy, crazy one 🤣

I am deeply empathetic and curious about what makes us resilient.

I understand the courage it takes to overcome suffering and appreciate the challenge of finding your centre in a demanding life.

My commitment to healing from my own trauma, longing to fulfil my highest potential and vision for a bright future has been my greatest teacher.

I will always have mentors and spiritual guides to inspire me to upgrade and expand. I want to do the same for you.

My list of qualifications are merely feathers in my cap, my intention is to meet you AS YOU ARE, AS I AM, in presence and love. We then let divine guidance take over.

  • MBChB (Medical Degree UCT)
  • MRCPsych (Psychiatry Specialisation London)
  • Internship Training Oxford Deanery
  • Integrative Medicine Diploma (Cape Town 2014)
  • Functional Medicine AFMCP ( Cape Town 2014)
  • Functional Medicine (Institute Functional Medicine USA);
  • Personal Performance Certificate in Life Coaching (Coaching Academy London 2008)
  • Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy Austin Technique London 2003
  • Member of IMMH www.immh.org
  • Member of SASIM www.integrativemedicine.co.za
  • Member of Inategy Ascension Business school www.leighjane.woodgate.com
  • Entheogenic (psychedelic) facilitation. Initiation with Cathy Coyle.
  • Breathwork & sound healing