Enter the Temple of Awakening. 12 month to 9 month commitment.
This is a co- creative process personalised to your own expansion and needs.

What do I feel?

“I feel overwhelmed and stagnant.”

What do you desire?

“I wish to activate the highest intention for my life, experiencing wonder and joy. “

  • Become the architect of your dreams
  • Live in alignment with your highest values
  • Identify old agreements, negative patterns, and leaks
  • Release trauma
  • 10-day at-home auyervedic detox or 21-day gut heal programme
  • Evolve relationships
  • Connection with higher self, intuition, and the miracle of life
  • Flow states for creativity
  • Embodied wisdom, sensuality, and re-wilding
  • Harnessing superhuman capacities through nature immersion
  • Masterclasses with artists and healers
  • Human design profile
  • Declutter as a tool for expansion
  • Exposure to non ordinary states of consciousness and challenges to enhance catharsis and resilience
  • Psychedelic journey space at additional cost if appropriate at the end of Luminosity programme